Doctor! Doctor!

Happy marriages   are what they apparently seem to be but the inside stories of several ignorant families who have the audacity to pretend and project a façade of love and care is otherwise.

Their state of life is deplorable.

A bride is looked at as a source of regular inflow of funds from the bridegroom’s family and the poor girl is taunted in varied ways by the in-laws family members day in day out to arrange for their extra needs from time to time.She naturally is at her wits end.

This girl was one day seriously told of their violent devices to finish her off to enable the boy to get a second chance at garnering money.Very ignoble scheme revolves around a noble marriage.

The girls parents get the wind but they have surrendered everything already and have no energy nor inclination to intervene hoping good sense will prevail and their daughter is saved.Any confrontation on this matter will propel and speed up the devilish act.

The girl lost hope .Ther is no scope of survival.Just the pressure will lead to serious illness and will soon perish.The trauma is evident in her face.

There is family doctor who visits the elderly in the house for attending to the ailing grandparents and is a friend of the family.

Noticing the state of the daughter in law and making some enquiry starts suspecting something is amiss .He is respected and therefore no one has the corage to bypass his queries no matter how intrusive they are because his queries border on the medical  and mental health of everyone he observes.

He insists that she be taken to his clinic for thorough examination and in the confines of the hospital fishes out the information in a very discreet manner.

He is a man to a large extent retained by god to serve humanity no matter what the relationship with the patient.Hepromptly  takes up the matter with the police department and together chastises the family members and makes them  apologise  for their heinous behavior and files a case against them in the court  of law to pay compensation for their continued torture of the poor girl.

Very few have the courage when a burning problem is encountered.But Doctors do not waste time.That is their first precaution and the entire solution  lies there.

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